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PDF: Author(s): Tikhomirova E. V.,
Number of journal: 2(19) Date: May 2012

The system of the local self-government in our country is changing. This is due to the fact that the state has become to pay more attention to the problems at the local level. The main indicator of the local government improvement is its financial autonomy according to the author of the article. The article analyzes models of the local government operating in the foreign countries and in Russia. The main factors that negatively affected the development of the local self-government in our country have been reviewed. The author proposes new classification features that help to deeper evaluate the autonomy of any model of the local self-government. The selected model, upon completion of the analysis, must meet the criteria of autonomy and the immutability of the management system at the local level. The financial autonomy of the local government assumes implementation of the social functions at higher level, which will definitely improve the quality of the population life.


local government, autonomy, self-arrangement of citizens, model of local government, observable local government, election system of the head of local government, independence in the budget formation, subordination to the state, sovereignty, modernization of local self-government, financial autonomy

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