Genesis of foreign and russian scientists’ views on wages

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PDF: Author(s): Alifer E. O.,
Number of journal: 2(31) Date: May 2015

The article systemized the main theoretical approaches to the issues of wages of domestic and foreign scientists at different stages of socio-economic development of society. Specific features of salaries in the planned-and centralized and the market economy are determined. Attention is focused on the necessity of improvement of the labor remuneration arrangement in modern conditions in order to enhance companies’ personnel innovation activity. Necessity of examining the wage theories of different economic schools is justified for deeper understanding of its essence, functions and principles of arrangement. The author’s conclusions are presented that define possible directions of research of the issue under consideration


wages, salaries, innovative activity, quality of working life, minimum means of subsistence, theory of social wage, capital accumulation theory, contractual theory, theory of marginal productivity, theory of well-being

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