Journal № 2(31), May 2015

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Скачать PDF файл Organizational and economic mechanism of legalizations of shadow economics in Russia Akhmeduev A. Sh.
Скачать PDF файл Organization of «national enterprise (corporation)» — the future of Russia Badmakhalgaev L. Ts.
Скачать PDF файл Referent marketing as an innovative communication technology of interaction with the consumers Bikmetov E. Yu., Kasimova E. R., Kuznetsova E. V., Ruvenny I. Ya.
Скачать PDF файл Formation of labor potential as the main tool for ensuring favorable investment climate of industrial enterprises of the forestry (on the example of the Komi Republic) Bolshakov S. N., Oganezova N. A.
Скачать PDF файл Key priorities for establishing strategy of the regional tourist complex developmen Abdulaeva Z. Z., Fetisova O. V ., Kurchenkov V . V., Matina E. S.
Скачать PDF файл Strategic management of production competitiveness in turbulent environment Gorbunova E. G., Matushkin M. A.
Скачать PDF файл Correlation-regression analysis of components of the cost price of energy production at thermal power plants Mechtiev A. D., Moshkina B. N., Sekretarev Yu. A.
Скачать PDF файл Theoretical foundations of functioning of the regional consumer market Chigareva T. V., Fetisova O. V .
Скачать PDF файл Some features of development of agricultural complex of the baikal region: economic and statistical aspect Bagaynikov M. L.
Скачать PDF файл Selection of the form of cross-subsidies in the electric power engineering Dronova Yu. V.
Скачать PDF файл Russian mentality in the conditions of modernization of the human resources management Baranov E. A., Dubanov G. N.
Скачать PDF файл Prospect of use of innovative activity in cluster structures as a tool of adaptation to crisis Kopylov A. V., Molodozhenova V. N., Tsygankova V. N .
Скачать PDF файл State and prospects of low-rise construction in Volgograd region Korostin S. A.
Скачать PDF файл Improvement of rendering medical services to the population by emergency health service crews Korobkova O. K.
Скачать PDF файл Adaptation of the experience of Finland in development of the low-rise construction industry for Volgograd region Korostin S. A.
Скачать PDF файл Efficiency of electric grids management by reducing energy losses Kravchenko A.V.
Скачать PDF файл Labor forces migration and its impact on the labor market Kovalenko N. V., Lobyzenkova V. A.
Скачать PDF файл Building regional network of the general-purpose warehouses in Volgograd region Davydkina I. B., Morozov A. V., Popov P. V., Shevchenko O. V.
Скачать PDF файл Assessment of organizational culture effect on the business efficiency Putilova N. N.
Скачать PDF файл Duty and service and the confucian model of the public service Bizengin B. M., Rakhaev B. M.
Скачать PDF файл Peculiarities of the description method of the agent-oriented models of economic systems Samkov T. L.
Скачать PDF файл Relationships with customers are the basis of the service company competitiveness Semakina G. A.
Скачать PDF файл Siberian power-transmission system: features and prospects of development Sidorovnina I. A.
Скачать PDF файл Problems of personnel resistance to organizational development of the company and the ways to overcome them Starodubzeva O. A.
Скачать PDF файл The use of diagnostic methods of the company organizational culture for solving scientific and practical issues of management Simonenko E. S., Sogacheva O. V.
Скачать PDF файл Manufacturing outsourcing is an effective tool for enhancing competitive advantages of organization Starodubzeva O. A., Starodubzeva V. K.
Скачать PDF файл On the issue of effectiveness of investment policy of the electric grid company Timofeeva Yu. N.
Скачать PDF файл Methods of estimation of the company operation efficiency with regard to the market situation Troyanova E. N.
Скачать PDF файл Some criteria of the cattle-breeding development in the regions of the North Caucasus Aidinova D. H.-M., Hapchaev R. I., Khavayev I. B.
Скачать PDF файл Assessment of the energy efficiency potential enhancement in the housing and utilities infrastructure of novosibirsk region Сhеrnоv S. S.
Скачать PDF файл Model of the companies’ long-term competitiveness Shamray-Kurbatova L. V.
Скачать PDF файл Small business as a factor and condition for reduction of territorial regional differences and contradictions in the level and quality of development Baragunova B. A., Bozieva A. R., Shomakhova M. Kh.
Скачать PDF файл The study of labor potential as a component of the company’s socio-technical system Yudina L. N.
Скачать PDF файл Genesis of foreign and russian scientists’ views on wages Alifer E. O.
Скачать PDF файл Customer-oriented approach to power supply reliability ensuring: effects for end users Vasilyeva M. V.
Скачать PDF файл Regional reserves ensuring effective functioning of agricultural companies Gagay I. V.
Скачать PDF файл Profession-oriented segmentation of the company personnel Kozhanov N. T.
Скачать PDF файл Place of online advertising in the marketing management of social processes Oleneva A. V.
Скачать PDF файл Current market conditions: does Russia need wind energy? Otroshchenko A. A.
Скачать PDF файл Internetization of business (on the example of the trade entities within the frame of social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki) Senchenko E. V.
Скачать PDF файл Quality control and principles of ecological marketing in russian economics Gavrilenko A. V., Rozova S. V., Simonyan T. A.
Скачать PDF файл Analysis of the methodological approaches to performance assessment Timarsuev M. V.
Скачать PDF файл Energy efficiency of the Russian economics: dynamics of indicators for key sectors Tupikina A. A.
Скачать PDF файл Mechanisms of the government support of innovative regional clusters in Russia Bairamkulova L. A., Khafizov R. R.
Скачать PDF файл Segmentation of consumers of retail banking products Bychkova I. I., Semenyuta О. G.
Скачать PDF файл The use of the crowd-sourcing projects in the banking services market research Vinokurova L. A.
Скачать PDF файл Accounting of leasing operations of the lessor according to the requirements of IFRS (IAS) 17 Balashova N. N., Tokareva E. V.
Скачать PDF файл Scenario studies of a MM standard theory’s theorem Vasiliev E. V., Vasiliev V. D.
Скачать PDF файл Risk and usefulness of situations and processes Ganichev A. V., Ganicheva A. V.
Скачать PDF файл Development of credit scoring model using soft computations Yatsko V. A.
Скачать PDF файл Shipbuilding industry of the Russian Federation: major problems and the ways of their resolving after joining the World Trade Organization Zudinova K. Yu.


Скачать PDF файл Expression of distrust head of the suoreme executive body of state rower of subjects of the Russian Federation, as a measure of legal liability: features of ligal regulation Chepus A. V.
Скачать PDF файл On the classification of principles of the international environmental law Ryzhenkov A. Ya.
Скачать PDF файл About the prospects of legal regulation of building on the land plot belonging to the other: leasehold estate or superficies Abbasova A. M., Anisimov A. P.
Скачать PDF файл Ratio of the terms «loan» and «gratuitous use»: issues of the theory Belova O. G.
Скачать PDF файл The place of the concept of affiliated persons in the system of related concepts Kotelnikova E. Yu.
Скачать PDF файл On development of the legal institution of compensation for harm caused to life and health of servicemen Semushin S. A.
Скачать PDF файл Soviet trademarks of the Twentieth century: problems of use. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Surova S. V.
Скачать PDF файл Legal status of educational organization and the ratio of competence, rights and obligations Chernova K. I.
Скачать PDF файл Facilities of incomplete construction as new real estate: concept and attributes Yurchenko D. A.
Скачать PDF файл Prospects of development of the institution for protection of labor rights in the Russian Federation Mun V. A.
Скачать PDF файл To the issue of the term «system» use relative to the totality of criminal penalties Podroikina I. A.
Скачать PDF файл Sources of the international legal regulation of the children’s rights protection Ableeva G. R.


Скачать PDF файл The concept of product-orientated teaching as one of the ways of development of literary-creative abilities and formation of a creative person at schools in Germany Altukhova N. A.
Скачать PDF файл On updating the education of conscience in the conditions of crisis of the child-parents relations Sunduy G. D.
Скачать PDF файл Summer language session as one of the effective mechanisms of life skills formation in the process of learning foreign language by primary school children Budnyaya O. N.
Скачать PDF файл Content and language integrated learning as an approach to vocational training Loktyushina E. A., Saytimova T. N.
Скачать PDF файл Integration availabilities of the educational process in Tajikistan and prospects of its modernization Rakhmatullaeva M. A.
Скачать PDF файл Selection of a mechanism for improvement of education quality control quality at higher educational establishments Gavrilenko A. V., Rozova S. V., Simonyan T. A.