Organization of «national enterprise (corporation)» — the future of Russia

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PDF: Author(s): Badmakhalgaev L. Ts.,
Number of journal: 2(31) Date: May 2015

The article analyzes the different stages of the economic life of Russia. Assesses the economic activity of Russian economic thinkers. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the causes of decline and the rise of the Russian economy in different periods of its development. Discusses the economic model of economic development and offers new business models in the market conditions. Study of various models of meso-economic systems has allowed the organization to prove the necessity of «national enterprise (corporation)» in the form of a network of companies associated with mutual deliveries and aimed at the production of the final product. At the same time justified the creation of «national enterprise (corporation)» as the highest form of economic organization in the agricultural sector.


mesoeconomics, inter-industry linkages, the mesosystem, clustering, city pawnshop, usury, economic mechanism, consumer cooperatives, people’s enterprises, corporation

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