Key priorities for establishing strategy of the regional tourist complex developmen

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PDF: Author(s): Abdulaeva Z. Z., Fetisova O. V ., Kurchenkov V . V., Matina E. S.,
Number of journal: 2(31) Date: May 2015

The article describes strategic milestones of the regional tourist complex development in modern conditions; determines the direction of implementation of the regional market of tourist services potential. Detailed analysis of favorable and unfavorable factors of the regional tourist complex development in the short term is conducted; opportunities and threats of strategic development are determined. The analysis highlighted absolute and relative benefits of the tourism industry development in the region. Particular attention is paid to establishing the tourism cluster as the main strategic priority, and to development of transport and social infrastructure contributing to the growth of external and domestic tourist flows. Strategic advantages of diversification of the regional tourism industry is justified.


tourism, tourism industry, regional tourist complex, strategy of tourism development, tourist services, tourism market, tourism cluster, factors of tourism development, diversification of the tourist complex, inbound tourism, outbound tourism, domestic tourism

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