Peculiarities of the description method of the agent-oriented models of economic systems

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PDF: Author(s): Samkov T. L.,
Number of journal: 2(31) Date: May 2015

Approaches to construction of formal models of economic systems in the process of simulation within the frame of the agentoriented paradigm simulation are examined in the article. It is stated that description of the rules of conduct of and individual agent is required, as well as the rules of agents interaction, and the rules of their emergence and disappearance.

Certain features of economic agents are provided in the article, which must be considered when constructing models. The author makes conclusion that the evolutionary paradigm should be used as an economic foundation. The tools for formalization of the economic systems description using various mathematical research programs are provided in the article


multi-industrial territorial markets, sustain development, state of equilibrium, macroeconomic factors, economy sector, indicative plan, self-organization effect, agent, agent-based approach, agent modeling

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