Russian Human Resources: Actual Questions of Business Education and Social Partnership

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PDF: Author(s): Bondarenko M. P., Vashchenko A. N.,
Number of journal: 3(10) Date: August 2009

Social partnership in vocational education is a special type of interaction between educational establishments, formation of the certain kind of close interaction — a tandem (a tandem — a machine, a mechanism where homogeneous devices are located consistently on one axis). In the given mechanism the continuous formation system offered in an available form to any citizen of Russia acts as homogeneous devices. In the Volgograd region the realization of the tandem between social partnership and education is presented and it works in use of the system approach to educational complex management «Volgograd college of business» and «Volgograd institute of business».


Business Education; social partnership; Business Space; continuous business education; vocational education

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