Journal № 3(10), August 2009

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Скачать PDF файл Approaches to the Essence of Finance and State's Economic Structure (Early Stages) Syrbu A. N.
Скачать PDF файл Theory of Prosperity in Modern Economic Science Stolyarova T. V.
Скачать PDF файл Peculiarities of International Competition and Economic Clustering Under Globalization Denisova I. N.
Скачать PDF файл The Role of the State in Labour Market Regulation Bochkova N. V.
Скачать PDF файл The Structural Transformation of the Market Economy Model Zhabina S. B.
Скачать PDF файл Place and Role of the International Bank Finance in the World Financial System Fedorova K. V.
Скачать PDF файл Influence of the Macroeconomic Crisis on the Financial Management of a Corporation Murunova I. A.
Скачать PDF файл Concerning the Definition of «Innovation Potential» Monina E. S.
Скачать PDF файл Unused Possibilities of an Investment Tax Credit Anischenko A. V.
Скачать PDF файл Analysis of Development Problems of Russian Innovative Entrepreneurship Tsygankova V. N .
Скачать PDF файл Forming of Loyalty Management Mechanism of Pharmacy Customers Sorokoumov E. I.
Скачать PDF файл Positive Image of Business as a Basis of its Competitiveness Kravchenko E. N.
Скачать PDF файл Consumer Behaviuor: Mutual Influence of Trade and Consumers Requirements Dasaeva D. R.
Скачать PDF файл Quality Management as a Tool of Corporate Governance Egorova T. D., Zhabina S. B.
Скачать PDF файл предпринимательских структур Procedure of Estimation the Competitiveness of Enterprise Structures Merzlikina G. S., Sidunov I. A.
Скачать PDF файл Methods of Formation of the Higher Educational Institution Image at Local Markets Shiro M. S., Sidunova G. I.
Скачать PDF файл Notion of Typical Service Norms in the Automated Manufacture Cheruhin Yu. V., Kuznetsov V. N.
Скачать PDF файл The Procedure of Depreciation of Fixed Assets According to International Financial Reporting Standards and Russian Accounting Standards Tatarkina G. A., Zavolochkina L. Yu.
Скачать PDF файл Principal Directions and Problems of State Regulation in the Agricultural sector Kovalenko A. Yu.
Скачать PDF файл Regulation of the Relations Between Manufactures and Consumers at the Market of Dairy Production Astakhov A. A., Sinitsyna G. P.
Скачать PDF файл Regional Vocational Education and Labour Market: the Condition and the Prospects of Development Kurina L. I.
Скачать PDF файл Information Support of the Participants of Formal and Informal Business Deals in the Village Kazakova A. F.
Скачать PDF файл The Essential Substantive Analysis of Corporate Management of Socially Responsible Business in Interaction with the Ecologization of Business Activity Bondarenko M. P.
Скачать PDF файл Peculiarities of Changes in Socio-Economic Structure of the Rural Population Belikova E. V.
Скачать PDF файл Russian Human Resources: Actual Questions of Business Education and Social Partnership Bondarenko M. P., Vashchenko A. N.
Скачать PDF файл Personnel Management as the Factor of Competitiveness of the Enterprise Kuzevanova A. L.
Скачать PDF файл Domestic Experience of Management and Stimulation of Labour Productivity Growth in the 20th Century Shamray-Kurbatova L. V.
Скачать PDF файл Potential of Mathematic Disciplines in Forming of Key Competence of Graduates of Economic Specialties at a Higher Educational Institution Fedyanova N. A., Manshin M. E.
Скачать PDF файл Labour Market Management: Experience of Foreign Countries Popova N. V.
Скачать PDF файл Problems and Prospects of Vocational Education in Towns and Villages Panferova O. V.
Скачать PDF файл The Essence and Stages of Labour Power Reproduction and its Use at the Labour Market Popova N. V.
Скачать PDF файл Severe Problems of Female Employment in Penza Region Putilina E. M.
Скачать PDF файл Modern technologies of human resources management Fomenko V. N.
Скачать PDF файл Formation and Development of Competence of the Personnel in Dynamic of its Life Circle Golovchanskaya E. E.
Скачать PDF файл Formation of Cost and Management Accounting of Debt Financing in International Financial Reporting Standards and Russian Accounting Standards in Business Economics Teplyakova A. S., Zavolochkina L. Yu.
Скачать PDF файл Consolidated Reporting as a Result of Differentiation and Integration of Business Accounting Types in Enterprise Management Perekrestova L. V., Tatarkina D. O.