Price policy of the enterprise during the establishment of optimum price of bread and the bakery

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PDF: Author(s): Shakhbazyan E. M.,
Number of journal: 3(24) Date: August 2013

Pricing in the food industry is an important part of the company activity, as well as the way to ensure the efficient operation of the company. The policy of prices is the general principle, which the company is going to use in the pricing of their products. Prices and pricing policy are the essential element of the company’s marketing. The aim of the pricing policy development is a specific action for the long term planning of product prices. It aims at determining the production and marketing policy of the company in order to obtain the maximum profit from the sale, as well as the competitiveness of bakery products due to purposes and objectives of the company’s overall strategy.


price, price policy, permanent costs, variable costs, pricing, the upper and lower limits of prices, food industry, products

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