Journal № 3(24), August 2013

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Скачать PDF файл Current process of implementation of the local self-government functions Grobova V. P .
Скачать PDF файл Territorial and material-financial bases оf the local self-government: еuropean experience Kaminskaya N. V.
Скачать PDF файл Small business development in the region: methodological and practical aspects Markina I. A.
Скачать PDF файл Optimization of the profit management of the commercial companies on the basis of development of the complex system of profit management Markina I. A., Voronina V. L.
Скачать PDF файл Subjects of scheduled passenger bus services in Ukraine Khromov O. I .
Скачать PDF файл Value of network structures in the transformation of the regional wholesale market Fetisova O. V ., Kurchenkov V . V.
Скачать PDF файл The role of public corporations in consolidation of the Russian capital Kalmykova T. N.
Скачать PDF файл The problems of improving of the innovative development management of the tourist industry Chabanuk O. V.
Скачать PDF файл The formation of regional industry policy on the basis of innovation activity Tsygankova V. N .
Скачать PDF файл The innovative approach to construction of the quality criterion of education Berdnova E. V .
Скачать PDF файл Evolution of the industrial complex as a function of the evolution of knowledge and technologies Grinyuk K. P.
Скачать PDF файл Directions of development of the institution of the post-graduate study of the system of the third level of higher education in the context of Bologna Charter Kozubtsov I. N., Vashchenko A. N.
Скачать PDF файл Non-state institutes of higher education in modern Russia: problems and prospects Sibiryakov S. L., Sibiryakova T. B.
Скачать PDF файл Development and implementation of the educational program: the condition of enhancement of businessmen impact on the statement and resolution of tasks of the territory strategic management Prozumentova G. N., Sukhanova E. A.
Скачать PDF файл Real possibilities and perspectives of personnel assessment on the example of OJSC «Volgogradneftemash» Godenko A. E., Lazarev A. V., Moskovtsev A. F.
Скачать PDF файл Human resources technologies in the system of strategic management: practical aspect Gorelova I. V., Kopylov A. V.
Скачать PDF файл Insentive basis of the intellectual capital reproduction Ivanyuk I. A., Vorotilova Q. A.
Скачать PDF файл Personal skills of the future entrepreneur as the factor of sucessful economic activity in polycultural business environment Mukhortova E. A., Zvyagintseva E. P.
Скачать PDF файл Salaries and labour productivity Shevyakova (Adilova) Ch. Z.
Скачать PDF файл Quality of working activity as the performance management environment at the enterprise Kuzmina N. A.
Скачать PDF файл Mechanism of the human resource management: сoncept and basic components Spivak V. V.
Скачать PDF файл Mechanisms of motivation of the land owners in the area of soil-protective technologies Stukatch V. F.
Скачать PDF файл Efficiency of application of agricultural land in the region Zvereva G. N.
Скачать PDF файл Price policy of the enterprise during the establishment of optimum price of bread and the bakery Shakhbazyan E. M.
Скачать PDF файл Livestock industry of Kizlyar municipal district of Dagestan Republic and the dynamics of development in the current conditions Khavayev I. B.
Скачать PDF файл The main stages of the economic evaluation of the organizational-technical level of the mining and ore-dressing plant Lysevitch S. G.
Скачать PDF файл The industry and industrial complex in the economic science: theory problems Grinyuk K. P., Pilipenko E. V.
Скачать PDF файл Development of industrial potential of the region in the context of the modernization of the Russian economics Starovoytov M. K., Starovoytova Ya. M.
Скачать PDF файл Economic complex of the southern federal district: problems and prospects of development in the conditions of WTO Mitrofanova I. A., Mitrofanova I. V., Starokozheva G. I.
Скачать PDF файл Social and educational aspects of effective industrial policy in the RF Buzsky M. P.
Скачать PDF файл Restructuring as the means of increasing the strategic stabilityof business Markina I. A., Ugrimova I. V.
Скачать PDF файл The role of the public-private partnership in the establishing and implementation of industrial policy Morozova N. I.
Скачать PDF файл Industrial policy in amedium city: operational junctions of modernization Kozenko K. Yu., Medvedeva L. N.
Скачать PDF файл The role of the institution of the household in formation of the industrial policy of the state Popov M. V.
Скачать PDF файл The role of public-private partnership in improvement of the efficiency of the economic policy of the region Kovalenko N. V., Lobyzenkova V. A.
Скачать PDF файл Ideological concepts of industrial policy of Volgograd region Koval’ A. S.
Скачать PDF файл Rating of investment attractiveness of the area in the system of formation and implementation of industrial policy Anisimova E. Yu.
Скачать PDF файл Universal and specifie feafures of development of public private partnership at the modern stage Mansurov A. M.
Скачать PDF файл Prospective directions of regulation of the heat supply area Ryabov E. Yu.
Скачать PDF файл Ways of increasing tax earnings of the budget of Volgograd region Loseva O. V.
Скачать PDF файл Research of distribution of the entities of the Russian Federation by the level of budget expenditures per capita Chumakova E. V.
Скачать PDF файл Resource potential of personal finance in realization of innovative investment policy Bondareva S. A., Zemlyansky A. A.
Скачать PDF файл Stock transactions as the factor in the growth of investment activity of enterprises of the real sector of economics Lomakin N. I.
Скачать PDF файл Institutional aspects of establisging business partners loyalty at B2B market Arakelova I. V.
Скачать PDF файл The foreign experience of tax administration of integrated corporate structures Salzhenikina N. N.
Скачать PDF файл Model of the centers of responsibility in the system of the management accounting of bakeries Urasova N. G.
Скачать PDF файл Ensuring the control function of accounting in the system of consumer cooperatives Zubko E. I.
Скачать PDF файл Determination of the planned and actual cost price of material inventories in the management accounting Zekin R. E.
Скачать PDF файл The prospects of development of the credit cards market in Russia Safronkin I. V.
Скачать PDF файл Features of marketing of insurance products Timofeyeva H. M.


Скачать PDF файл The role of the decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation in determining the real estate legal status Ryzhenkov A. Ya.
Скачать PDF файл Tax-legal tools of the indirect financing of the economic entities in the Russian Federation Goncharov A. I., Goncharova M. V.
Скачать PDF файл Conceptual problems of the security activity in the Russian Federation: legal aspect Sharonov S. A.
Скачать PDF файл Peculiarities of joining the state diplomatic service of the Russian Federation Denisov A. V .
Скачать PDF файл To the issue of the place of free license in the system of similar agreements Zdanovich G. V.
Скачать PDF файл The institution of additional investigation: resuscitation or complete failure? Malofeyev I. V.
Скачать PDF файл Concept of the category «service» and its relations with the category «work» Ten R. I.
Скачать PDF файл Right to the claim and its breach in the commercial legal proceedings Perekrestnaya O O.


Скачать PDF файл Algorithm for creating infographics and its intentionality Morozova K. V., Zheltukhina M. R.
Скачать PDF файл Generation and perception of the media script in the modern wedding media performance Dobronichenko E. V.
Скачать PDF файл Reform of the legal profession of 1864 in the national historiography Osadchuk E. I.
Скачать PDF файл Essence of pedagogical system of A. S. Makarenko Bazalej E. A.
Скачать PDF файл Model of formation of the healthy way of life of studying youth Afonjushkin O. S.
Скачать PDF файл Model of educational work at schools for formation of the cultural-leisure activity Yerofeyeva O. G.

Surveys. Reviews

Скачать PDF файл Population and banks: charging of the interest rates for credit Goncharov A. I., Goncharova M. V.