Human resources technologies in the system of strategic management: practical aspect

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PDF: Author(s): Gorelova I. V., Kopylov A. V.,
Number of journal: 3(24) Date: August 2013

The strategy is aimed at forming the image of the future object of the strategy development. Hence, the requirement of considering all resources involved in the production as strategic is arisen. First of all, this applies to human resources. The main choice that is made by the company using certification as the element of strategic management is the selection of the optimal method of its implementation. The modern possibilities allow simplifying the process of certification. The use of the modern tools («1C» serves as the operation platform) has allowed the authors creating the unique software product for evaluation of the company personnel.


strategy, strategic resources, human resources management, evaluation of personnel, certification, factor analysis, business qualities of the employee, professional level of qualification, complexity of the work performed, result of the work, rating method

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