Mechanism of the human resource management: сoncept and basic components

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PDF: Author(s): Spivak V. V.,
Number of journal: 3(24) Date: August 2013

Recently the enterprises pat the special attention to organization of the system and process of the human resources management. Hence many enterprises begin to reconstruct the existing systems of management; however, not everywhere these changes increase efficiency of the personnel activity and correspond to the actual demands of the organization. It takes place because the system of the human resources management of the company often changes without the preliminary analysis of its work, without scientific justification and understanding of the necessity of any changes. In the conditions of the market economy one of urgent issues disturbing the leaders of the enterprises is the formation of organizational-economic mechanism of the company management that is able to provide an effective human resources management and high competitiveness of the enterprise. The concept of the mechanism of formation of the human resources management has been analyzed in the article; its basic elements have been determined: goals, methods, system, principles, tasks and technology of the human resources management.


mechanism, human resources management, technical-economic, organizational-economic, legal, social and psychological and pedagogical components, system, goals, principles, methods, elements, technology, tasks, industrial enterprise

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