The main stages of the economic evaluation of the organizational-technical level of the mining and ore-dressing plant

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PDF: Author(s): Lysevitch S. G.,
Number of journal: 3(24) Date: August 2013
Annotation: The paper examines the main stages of economic evaluation of organizational and technical level of mining and ore-dressing plant. Organizational and technical level is the system of indicators characterizing the results of scientific and technological progress and innovation policy of the company in technique, technology and organization. State of the technique, technology and organization directly and immediately affects the economic performance of the plant. Therefore, the determination of the degree of influence of the organizational and technical level of the plant will manage the economic performance through changes in the organizational and technical level.

organizational and technical level, sphere of production, sphere of circulation, economic evaluation, evaluation criteria, index system, economic results, correlation and regression equation, turnover ratio, profitability

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