Industrial policy in amedium city: operational junctions of modernization

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PDF: Author(s): Kozenko K. Yu., Medvedeva L. N.,
Number of journal: 3(24) Date: August 2013

The current state of urbanization in small and medium cities is defined in the article; the issues of development of industrial potential of Russian medium cities are analyzed; the necessity of a strategic approach to management of these processes is justified. It is shown that the directions of the economic policy in the medium cities in the post-crisis period are primarily connected with the revival of the industry, escalating rates of production of goods and services. The analysis of the state of socio-economic system of the industrialized medium cities in the post-crisis period is given. Stratagems of the industrial sector of the medium city’s economy based on the modernization of the city’s economy, improvement of the governance, employment and welfare are formed.


medium city, urbanization, economic policy, industrial modernization, industrial-innovation complex, main trends of development, industrial development stratagems of medium cities, modernization, restructuring, system combination

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