To the issue of the place of free license in the system of similar agreements

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PDF: Author(s): Zdanovich G. V.,
Number of journal: 3(24) Date: August 2013
Annotation: This article attempts to determine the location of free license in the Russian legislation. The analysis of the subject and the object of free license as the essential conditions of free license has been performed. It has been determined that the free license is applied to the type of contracts of arrangement the results of intellectual activity. It has been noted that the free license is the form of license agreement made in the simplified form. There are problems of identification of the parties, subject and form of free license. It has been proposed to introduce the term «free license agreement (license free)» into the civil legislation of Russia.

free license, license contract, contract of alienation of exclusive rights, intellectual property, results of intellectual activities, subject and object of free license, parties of free license, form of free license, GNU GPL, Creative Commons

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