Integrated training of the seventh-graders in drafting and technology based on the wooden spoon decorated with geometrical carvings

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PDF: Author(s): Mikhaylov N. G.,
Number of journal: 3(32) Date: August 2015

The article examines the method of arrangement of graphic training of pupils of the seventh grade at the technology classes in the process of designing and manufacturing of a piece of art of utilitarian purpose — a wooden spoon, decorated with geometric carvings within the concept of integrated teaching of pupils in drafting and technology on the basis of the objects of decorative and applied arts. According to this concept, pupils of the 5th —8th grades study drafting at the first preparatory stage on the basis of the technology training school program of the applied and decorative arts orientation developed by professor K. A. Skvortsov, doctor of pedagogical sciences. At the second stage the ninth-graders are trained in drafting with the elements of artistic design according to the program of the author of the article. This approach to teaching pupils in drafting will allow developing a high-quality graphic literacy of the pupils.


integration, drafting, technology, designing, manufacturing, product, art-utilitarian purpose, geometric carving

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