Journal № 3(32), August 2015

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Скачать PDF файл Foreign economic activity liberalization and degree of transparency of regional economy Baymatov A. A.
Скачать PDF файл Methods of definition of enterprises cost based on express evaluations of industrial facilities Bezdudnaуa A. G., Starinskiy V. N.
Скачать PDF файл Russian economy in the post-soviet period: state, impact of crises and sanctions Egorshin A. P., Guskova I. V.
Скачать PDF файл Opportunities for strategic planning of entrepreneurial structures development Merzlikina G. S., Mitina T. E.
Скачать PDF файл Assessment of the impact of quality and level of territorial differences on the dynamics of regional socio-economic development Kushkhova B. A.
Скачать PDF файл Influence of innovative development of education on the human capital formation Alexeeva O. S., Otstavnova L. A.
Скачать PDF файл Approaches to decreasing of production losses at enterprises of mechanical engineering Akhmadeeva G. Ch., Antonov S. A., Antonova I. I.
Скачать PDF файл Multicriteria choice and feasible solutions to sustainable industrial enterprises Bulgakov V. N.
Скачать PDF файл The formation of the staffing of the agricultural sector of the v olgograd region: problems and solutions Zubova O. G.
Скачать PDF файл Problem issues of the economy innovative development Ivanova M. A.
Скачать PDF файл Assessment of effectiveness of the state policies for supporting entrepreneurship in the RF Davydova Yu. V., Kiseleva O. V.
Скачать PDF файл Theoretical aspects of the role of knowledge in the company management Kovalenko N. V., Kovshikova E. V., Lobyzenkova V. A.
Скачать PDF файл Degree of development of the sovereign territory specified by the real value of intellectual capita Smetanina T. V., Zhikina O. V.
Скачать PDF файл Vector of recovery of the country economic security system Solod T. V.
Скачать PDF файл Development of an algorithm for implementation of request for data protection , Smetanina T. V.
Скачать PDF файл Economic efficiency of production competitiveness at the foreign markets Hodzhaeva D. A.
Скачать PDF файл Trends of development of the innovative entrepreneurship in the Baikal region Chistyakova O. V.
Скачать PDF файл Specifics of the target investments in power engineering Aborvalova O. N., Filchenkova M. V., Сhеrnоv S. S.
Скачать PDF файл Assessment of efficiency of the boiler house reconstruction project implementation within public-private partnership Filchenkova M. V., Сhеrnоv S. S.
Скачать PDF файл Global added value chains in the global reproduction process Ledeneva M. V., Shamray-Kurbatova L. V.
Скачать PDF файл Theoretical aspects of management of tax risks in the Republic of Kazakhstan Shtiller M. V.
Скачать PDF файл Achieving economic growth and competitiveness in the real sector of economics of municipal districts of the Republic of Mordovia Yulenkova I. B.
Скачать PDF файл Topical issues of increasing efficiency and profitability of processing branch of the oil industry in modern conditions Beskaravainykh M. V.
Скачать PDF файл Features and benefits of adaptive control of innovative industries Gavrilov D. A.
Скачать PDF файл Influence of leadership pattern on the organizational culture power Dolgaya A. A., Galaktionov S. E.
Скачать PDF файл Microeconomic stimulation of innovations Ivashchenko L. I.
Скачать PDF файл Benefits: technology and mechanisms of formation in the organization Kiselyova E. A.
Скачать PDF файл Optimization of regular number of public and municipal employees in Volgograd region: issues and solutions Manyakin A. A.
Скачать PDF файл Features of establishing steady development of the national economy of Russia in the conditions of regional differentiation Nesterenko S. A.
Скачать PDF файл Evaluation of implementation of the cluster approach in the program «Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation (2011—2018)» Tyutyusheva A. G.
Скачать PDF файл Analysis of dynamics of produced and consumed electric power based on the energy balance of Russia (regional aspect) Fakhrislamova E. I.
Скачать PDF файл Supporting rationale of regional clustering effectiveness Fomin N. Yu.
Скачать PDF файл Factors and conditions affecting formation of the population employment in the labor market Chumakova E. A.
Скачать PDF файл The main principles of budget expenses on public procurement Akulich E. I.
Скачать PDF файл To the issue of development of small business in agriculture in the Russian Federation Balynin I. V.
Скачать PDF файл Issues of regulation of labor payment in Russia for the purposes of establishing effective system of pension insurance Manzarova E. D.
Скачать PDF файл Method of evaluation of efficiency of expenses of public institutions Materikin M. A.
Скачать PDF файл Demographic analysis of the Kemerovo region Prokudina M. D.
Скачать PDF файл Innovative product’s price control based on a model of innovation diffusion Guzikova L. A., Ivashchenko L. I., Kolesnikov A. M.
Скачать PDF файл Systematic study of expenses for personnel accountability Streltsova M. D., Zhilina E. V.
Скачать PDF файл Migration policies, labor immigration and economic growth: correlation analysis (based on EU countries) Kozlova E. V.
Скачать PDF файл Tо the issue of the system and structure of the state defense within the frame of the constitutional law of the Russian Federation Verbitskaya T. V.


Скачать PDF файл About some issues of withdrawal of land plots for the state and municipal needs in Russia: issues of theory and practice Ryzhenkov A. Ya.
Скачать PDF файл Theoretical model of concealment of criminal activities relative to the human freedom Kalyuzhniy A. N., Karpushkin O. S.
Скачать PDF файл Participation of the individual entrepreneur in labor relation as a legal form of implementation of business activity Babaitseva E. A.
Скачать PDF файл Entrepreneurship legal relations: concept, prerequisites of emergence, structure and classification Babaitseva E. A.
Скачать PDF файл Public legal entities as participants of activities of economic associations: historical aspect Mochalov S. Yu.
Скачать PDF файл Ways of ensuring fulfillment of the state contract Osipova S. B.
Скачать PDF файл On insurance of the compensation fund of self-regulatory organizations Poddubnaya D. A.


Скачать PDF файл Content of developmental pedagogical technology of scientific and teaching activities of the post-graduates Kozubtsov I. N., Vashchenko A. N.
Скачать PDF файл Passport of special professional competence in the field of correctional and education activities of students-defectologists Lapp E. A.
Скачать PDF файл Integrated training of the seventh-graders in drafting and technology based on the wooden spoon decorated with geometrical carvings Mikhaylov N. G.
Скачать PDF файл Architectural project as a unit of linguistic didactics analysis on the paradigm of professionally-oriented education Kozlova O. P., Tsoy A. I.
Скачать PDF файл Combined-communicative method of teaching foreign languages in the model of summer language session Budnyaya O. N., Kozhelupenko T. P.
Скачать PDF файл Development of the adults’ continuous education as a universal metasystem Rezinkina L. V.
Скачать PDF файл Development and psychometric specifics of the questionnaire «Factors contributing to successful cross-cultural relationships» Belova S. I.
Скачать PDF файл Socialization of professional communication while teaching economists profession sublanguage: linguo-didactic aspect Budagyan I. G., Vishnevetskaya N. A.
Скачать PDF файл Problems and areas of resolution of the remotely-modular education are in the system of higher school and society Golovanova Yu. V.

Surveys. Reviews

Скачать PDF файл The use of indicator of value added in the russian language publications of 2014—2015 Kabanov V. N.
Скачать PDF файл Review on Sharonov Sergey Alexandrovich’s monograph «The concept of civil regulation of security activity in the Russian Federation» (M.: Yustitsinform, 2014) Tsybulenko Z. I.
Скачать PDF файл Review of the round table «competitiveness of the Volgograd region: from theory to practice» Shamray-Kurbatova L. V., Vasilyeva S. I.