Combined-communicative method of teaching foreign languages in the model of summer language session

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PDF: Author(s): Budnyaya O. N., Kozhelupenko T. P.,
Number of journal: 3(32) Date: August 2015

The article provides an overview of the main models of methods of teaching foreign languages, as well as displays basic training technique — combined-communicative, which allows learning foreign language by immersion in cultural study and historical material of foreign language, as well as through live communication in a real environment. The authors analyze the results of the use of combined-communicative approach in practice. The experience of the summer session of the language implemented in the work of the language school «Big Ben» based on Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University as one of the ways of using of combined-communicative method of teaching foreign languages in practice. Also the results of this experience are assessed, and formulated the future prospects for using communicative combined method in teaching process at language school.


natural method of teaching, grammar-translation method, language school, summer language session, basic knowledge, combined-communicative method, integrative model, educational aspect, informative aspect, communication, foreign language culture

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