Problems and areas of resolution of the remotely-modular education are in the system of higher school and society

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PDF: Author(s): Golovanova Yu. V.,
Number of journal: 3(32) Date: August 2015

The article examines distance modular-educational process of educating, areas of its application together with standard form of education. Development of the structure of distance education is analyzed in the light of interests and reasons of those, for whom this system of education exists. Strategy of development of the education system is proposed taking into account its influence on different strata of the society life. Remotely-modular methodologies are examined as a modern instrument together with keeping the basis of fundamental education. Problems and directions of the system of distance modular education, as well as application of the newest modern technologies of knowledge obtaining, are analyzed in the article. Role and influence of remotely-modular education on the system and development of society are analyzed.


education, modular educational process of teaching, forms of teaching, distance learning, scope of application, reasons of society development, higher education, knowledge, professional skills, case technology, educational institutions, electronic multimedia textbooks

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