Topical issues of increasing efficiency and profitability of processing branch of the oil industry in modern conditions

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PDF: Author(s): Beskaravainykh M. V.,
Number of journal: 3(32) Date: August 2015

The article examines the Russian oil-processing industry in the conditions of system crisis. Analysis of dynamics of primary oil refining for 1991—2013 is performed, as well as changes of the volumes of oil processing as oil prices growing. Dynamics of the margin of oil refining in Russia and Europe for the period from 2009 to 2013 is analyzed; the Russian vehicle fleet and dynamics of demand by the types of fuel is analyzed. Correlation between dynamics of consumption of the types of motor fuel and GDP growth for 2004—2014 is determined. Calculation of three scenarios of development for oil-processing industry of Russia is carried out. Conclusions concerning dynamics of the tax maneuver of the Russian government and the course of modernization of domestic oil refineries are made.


economics, national economy, oil processing, oilprocessing industry, correlation, fuel, diesel fuel, modernization, forecast, oil

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