Assessment of effectiveness of the state policies for supporting entrepreneurship in the RF

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PDF: Author(s): Davydova Yu. V., Kiseleva O. V.,
Number of journal: 3(32) Date: August 2015

The article discusses measures of the state support of entrepreneurship development in the Russian Federation. Methods of supporting small business provided for in the state programs are presented; the target indicators of development of entrepreneurship and implementation of the government programs are analyzed. Practical implementation of the state policy for supporting entrepreneurship at the regional level and the mechanism of supporting small business is presented on the example of Ulyanovsk region. Based on development of a model of correlation dependence of tax revenues from small businesses and the expenses of the state budget for their support, evaluation of effectiveness of implementation of the programs for supporting entrepreneurship is done. Conclusions about effectiveness of the public policies for supporting entrepreneurship and the need for improvement the methods of small business development support in Russia are made.


entrepreneurship, small business, support of business development, effectiveness of government policies, programs of supporting entrepreneurship, conditions for doing business, measures for supporting entrepreneurship, business support mechanisms, business development indicators, business climate

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