Influence of leadership pattern on the organizational culture power

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PDF: Author(s): Dolgaya A. A., Galaktionov S. E.,
Number of journal: 3(32) Date: August 2015

The article presents analysis and formulates methods and instruments of research of the interconnection between leadership style, organizational culture type and its power. The article presents review of foreign and domestic approaches to definition and diagnostic of leadership. Based on the hypothesis formulated by authors regarding influence of leadership style on organizational culture power, the comparison of leader characteristics and organizational culture power is done, as well as methodology of the leader style assessment and its impact on the organizational culture and level of conformity as the indicator of cultural power in an organization is determined. The article provides contemporary overseas instruments for assessment of leadership types and organizational culture, which are adopted for the purposes of research.


leadership, leadership styles, situational leadership, assessment of leadership, organizational culture, power of organizational culture, conformism, conformity, LBDQ (Leadership Behavior Description Questionnaire), management efficiency, organizational culture power type, OCAI

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