Issues of regulation of labor payment in Russia for the purposes of establishing effective system of pension insurance

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PDF: Author(s): Manzarova E. D.,
Number of journal: 3(32) Date: August 2015

The article examines the regulation of labor payments in Russia, the reasons of the current low level of wages, as well as interdependence and influence of factors of income and wages on development of a modern institution of pension insurance are justified. The concept and content of salary, its correlation with other cost categories are examined. Impact and role of salary on the formation of pension relations are examined, as well as on the process of insurance charges accumulation. Results of the issues of labor payment regulation are presented: both in terms of labor quality and productivity increasing, revision of the mechanisms of its regulation (re-evaluation of the cost of living) and in terms of social orientation of implemented economic policy of the state for the purposes of effective formation of pension resources.


salary, pension insurance, cost of living, insurance charges, pension, population incomes, minimum wage, pension provision, labor productivity, social needs

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