Opportunities for strategic planning of entrepreneurial structures development

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PDF: Author(s): Merzlikina G. S., Mitina T. E.,
Number of journal: 3(32) Date: August 2015

Possibilities of strategic planning of business companies are determined in the article; relations of the concepts of strategic planning of development and planning of strategic changes and their content are clarified; development and implementation of strategic changes are examined. The authors identified factors affecting development of businesses and provide for introduction of strategic changes; models of strategic planning of development are classified; the model of analysis of strategic planning of development is developed; criteria of the development level assessment are identified; the model of the process of strategic changes of businesses is developed.


strategic planning, business structure development, external and internal factors, planning of strategic changes, level of strategic development, strategic development plan, arrangement of strategic plan, selection of change strategy, introduction of strategic changes, model of changes management

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