Theoretical model of concealment of criminal activities relative to the human freedom

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PDF: Author(s): Kalyuzhniy A. N., Karpushkin O. S.,
Number of journal: 3(32) Date: August 2015

The article discusses the theoretical model of the ways of concealment of criminal attacks aimed at the human freedom; the model substantial elements are justified; illegal actions of guilty persons for eliminating traces of criminal activity are characterized; the most typical methods of masking crimes that attack the human freedom, as well as adaptation for legal activity are revealed; classification of the methods of concealment of such crimes is provided; the forms of obstruction to investigation of the criminals activity in the area under consideration is analyzed; the value of the proposed model of crime concealment is determined for crime solution and investigations; conclusions on the issue are made.


criminal activity, socially dangerous actions, traces of the crime, destruction of the crime traces, crime method, concealing of criminal activity, masking, adaptation, individual freedom, attacks on the individual freedom, counteraction to investigation, theoretical model

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