Journal № 3(7), August 2008

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Скачать PDF файл Congress of Social Education Movement in Russia Lukyanova V. A.
Скачать PDF файл The Quality of Personnel Is the Basic Law of an Educational Institution Kuchmieva S. I.
Скачать PDF файл Laws and Regulatory Legal Acts as the Instrument of Human Resources' Development Control in the Region Pavlik L. G.
Скачать PDF файл Problems of Legal Regulations of State Service and Personnel Policy in the System of Federal Executive Authority Lukash A. I.
Скачать PDF файл Legality as the Factor of Democratic Development of a Society Rostovshchikov I. V.
Скачать PDF файл Lawyers and Political Activity Melnichenko R. G.
Скачать PDF файл Theoretical Approach to the Problem of Definition of the Term 'Political and Legal Regime of a Social State' Bychek T. V.
Скачать PDF файл Legality and Law in Political and Legal Studies of Russian Monarchists of the XIX-XX Centuries Tushkanov I. V.
Скачать PDF файл The Classification of Legal Professions in Modern Russia Melnichenko R. G.
Скачать PDF файл Synergetics and Criminology: New Possibilities of the System Approach to the Study of Criminality Gorshenkov G. N.
Скачать PDF файл Problems of Efficiency Enhancement of the Law-Making Process Kozyuk M. N.
Скачать PDF файл Legal Support of Venture Financing in Russia Mikhailova E. V.
Скачать PDF файл Problems of Social Dependence of Criminal Responsibility for Obstruction of Justice and Pursuing of Preliminary Investigation (Article 294 of the CCRF) Namnyasev V. V.
Скачать PDF файл Criminological Aspects of Life Safety Insurance of the Population of the Chechen Republic Tazabaev R. Kh.
Скачать PDF файл A Personality of Juvenile Criminal Pikurov O. N.
Скачать PDF файл An Integrated System of Continuous Legal Education and Legal Enlightenment of Population (by the Example of Volgograd Region) Sibiryakov S. L.
Скачать PDF файл Corruption as a Threat for Anticriminal Security Gorshenkov G. G.
Скачать PDF файл Normative-Legal Base of the Ecological Security in Russia Aborvalova O. N., Fedorova O. S., Kitsenko N. A.
Скачать PDF файл Illegal Issue of the Russian Federation Citizen Passport and Introduction in Documents of Some A Priori False Intelligence Entailing an Unlawful Acquisition of Nationality of the Russian Federation: Criminal Characteristic Izosimov S. V.
Скачать PDF файл Constitutional and Legal Responsibility of Legislative Authorities of Government of the Russian Federation Constituent Entities Zasobina T. B.
Скачать PDF файл Russian Legislation in the Protection and Realization of Constitutional Rights of a Child Bondarenko O. A.
Скачать PDF файл Problems of Making of Judicial-Psychiatric Examinations Kolmakov P. A.
Скачать PDF файл Participation in Shared Construction: Can Householders Association Build a House? Lebedev M. V.
Скачать PDF файл Reforms of Local Self-Govemment and Budgeting in the Russian Federation Fomina Zh. S.
Скачать PDF файл Land Easement in the Russian Federation Anisimov A. P., Belousova G. A.
Скачать PDF файл Legislative Control of Freedom of Association and the Order of Formation of Political Parties in the Russian Federation Dolidze N. I.
Скачать PDF файл Normative Consolidation of Forms of Direct Participation of the Population in Realization of Local Self-Government Korosteleva M. V.
Скачать PDF файл Principle of Self-Determination of Peoples in Modern Realities of International Law Goncharenko V. D.
Скачать PDF файл Court Practice in Questions of Appeals of Refusals in State Registration of Rights for Real Property and Settlements on the Basis of Acts of Public Authority and Local Government in the Territory of Volgograd Region in 2005-2008 Chuikin A. A., Makarov D. S.
Скачать PDF файл State Registration of Rights for Real Property and Settlements: How to Avoid Legal Controversy? Chuikin A. A.
Скачать PDF файл Legal Regulation of Trading Activity in the Russian Federation Semenenko D. V.
Скачать PDF файл Prospects of Directing Private Money to Financing of Future Pension Gaidadina I. V.
Скачать PDF файл Voting rights of Juveniles in the Aspect of Adaptation of Constitutional and Legal Norms to the Sociocultural Sphere of the Russian Society Dolgova N. A.
Скачать PDF файл Contemporary Problems of Education in Protection of Rights of a Child Borisova N. E.
Скачать PDF файл Model of Russian Education - 2020 and the Development of Education in Volgograd Institute of Business Kaminsky E. I.
Скачать PDF файл Scientific Research as an Effective Form of Education and Training of Students at the Modern Level of Development of the System of Continuous Legal Education in NOU VPO VIP Sibiryakov S. L.
Скачать PDF файл Competence Approach as an Instrument of Realization of Legal Base of Professional Education Donika A. D., Donika D. D.
Скачать PDF файл Problems of Legal Regulation of Quality Management of Education in the Russian Federation Goncharenko E. V.
Скачать PDF файл Complementary Education of Children as a Part of Modern General Education Yastrebov V. V.
Скачать PDF файл Housing Law as a Part of Higher Vocational Education Zaitseva N. V.
Скачать PDF файл Organizational Questions of the Realization of Distance Education in the Institute of Higher Education Strelnikov O. I.
Скачать PDF файл Formation of Information Competence of a Student in the Institute of Higher Education Faizulina E. A.
Скачать PDF файл Management of the Development of Institute Electronic Library of the Institute of Higher Education: Problems and Prospects Faizulina E. A.